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With her gracious husband Mike's support, Kathy enjoys volunteering her free time to causes and foundations she believes make the world a better place.  These photos are a simple way for her to give back and to say  'Thanks' to those parent(s) who have made sacrafices which enabled their loved ones to compete in sports.  And 'Thanks' to  those who lovingly care for their finicky antique wooden boats which grace the shores of Lake Rabun & Burton.  Without these boats, the Lakes would not be as beautiful and endearing.  And of course... sometimes the photography subjects are simply just for fun!

Click on the photos below to launch Feather-Tales' Photo Galleries.   Some of the Galleries are password protected.  Please contact Kathy at kathy@feathertales.com for access. 


GACS Football 

UGA Athletics(coming soon)

Fun & Friends(coming soon)


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